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IObit Uninstaller (Windows)


Uninstalling a Windows program is not nearly as simple as it should be. On Android or Mac, all you need to do is remove or delete the program from the Applications folder. On Windows, you can’t just hit ‘Delete’ — you need to run the software’s uninstaller.

Yet, you might be surprised to learn that the ‘Uninstall a program’ option in the Windows Control Panel does not always completely remove it from your system. Traces like registry files or program folders may remain.

To get rid of an app once and for all, you need to use uninstallers that analyse all of a program’s connections and offer to delete each aspect: the program, its folders and files, and its registry entries. These tools often come with additional features, such as batch uninstalling and program sorting. And they are much easier to use than the Windows program.

The irony that most uninstallers need to be installed is not lost on IObit Uninstaller 2. So its developers made sure this app is a portable, lightweight, standalone EXE file. At just 1.47MB, you could easily carry it on a pen drive or even keep it in your Dropbox


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